Our Story

When my daughter Athena got diagnosed with Eczema at just six months old, I started on a journey to help her heal and find ways to make her feel better. I began researching to figure out how to ease her discomfort, and I learned that changing her diet, using natural products, and dressing her in soft fabrics could help her get better.

That's when the idea for My Tiny Mushroom started taking shape. I started paying attention to everything that could affect Athena's skin and how she felt. I noticed that a lot of baby clothes weren't really made for comfort. They had scratchy tags, sometimes they were itchy, and the materials were stiff. Parents often dress their kids without realizing it, but babies and toddlers really need that cozy feeling against their skin right from the start.

So, I started putting the pieces together like a puzzle. There are so many big-name brands out there that focus on making cute baby clothes, but they forget about how comfortable they should be and what's best for a happy growing-up.

I wanted to make clothes that let kids move and play freely—no itchiness or tightness. Getting dressed should be super easy, and the clothes should make your little ones feel like they're connected to nature. Every mom wants her child to be happy and healthy. That's why I'm all in on creating clothes that feel good and give you peace of mind. Our clothes are all about being comfy and letting kids enjoy the exciting world around them. And they're also designed to make life easier for moms. Our time is valuable and goes by so quickly.

With my second baby girl due in July 2023, My Tiny Mushroom became even more special. Athena inspired the idea, and when Miranda came along, I knew it was time to turn this idea into something real. It's amazing to think that my own kids are the inspiration behind a brand that helps kids feel fantastic and close to nature. I want to be the one who looks out for their comfort and keeps them connected to the great outdoors. Because every little one should have clothes that are comfy, perfect for playing, exploring, and just being themselves.